The Tel Aviv University Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology is a research facility focused on cutting-edge research and technological advancement. Our Facility is formed by two disciplinaries - The Chaoul Center for Nanoscale System and The Wolfson Applied Materials Research Center. The Chaoul Center offers nanoscale process development and fabrication services. Researchers can utilize our equipment and professional staff to manufacture prototypes of their inventions and optimize their characteristics for various applications. We provide hands-on use of our equipment and facility to both TAU researchers and industrial customers, offering guidance and training for working with our various systems and materials. The Wolfson Center offers state-of-the-art analytical and imaging capabilities.

Our missions include enabling advanced R&D capability and high-end technologies, promoting multidisciplinary research activities, managing core central equipment facilities, supporting the recruitment of outstanding researchers, promoting international collaborations, launching educational programs, and collaborating with the Israeli industry to contribute to the country's technology evolution.