This NanoIsrael website, managed by by BINA – Bar Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, follows a decade of focused government effort to make nanotechnology the next wave of successful industry in Israel.  The following is the background of our success.

INNI and Nano in Israel

In 2007, it was decided to establish the area of ​​nanoscience as a national priority project with the goal of creating research infrastructure at six universities that will be the basis for nano industries in Israel. A funding mechanism was founded using a triangle support model where the government, the university and private donations each provide a third of the program funding.

With strong representation from Israeli academia and industry, the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI) was established and charged with setting national goals and priorities for advancing nanotechnology in Israel, creating long-range plans that fully exploit Israel's scientific and commercial capabilities.

INNI was established as a shared initiative of Israel's Forum for National Infrastructures for Research & Development (TELEM) and Israel's Ministry of Economy.  The INNI Board of Directors was appointed by The Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Economy.  The program was implemented and supported by the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy, the Chairman of the Higher Education Planning and Budgeting Committee (VATAT), the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Deputy of Budget Director at the Ministry of Finance.

About the INNI mission

The mission of INNI -- the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative was to make nanotechnology the next wave of successful industry in Israel by creating an engine for global leadership.

A primary task for INNI was to promote fruitful collaboration between Israeli and global nanotechnology stakeholders, particularly for projects that lead to continuing success in academia and industry.

To achieve this task, INNI activities included:

  • Establishing a national policy of resources for nanotechnology, with the aim of faster commercialization.
  • Long-range nanotechnology programs for scientific research and technology development in academia and industry, and promoting development of world-class infrastructure in Israel to support them.
  • Leading in the creation of projects that promote agreed national priorities; allocate their budgets and review development progress.
  • Actively seeking funding resources from public and private sources in order to implement the selected projects.
  • Promoting development of innovative local nanotechnology industries which strongly impact Israeli economic growth and benefit investors.
  • Encouraging Academia and Industry cooperation with public access to a national database of Israel's nanotechnology researchers and industry.  Effective information about Israel's researchers and companies accelerated cooperation on R&D projects and on innovative new products.

Dan Vilenski, a member of the National Committee for Nanotechnology had declared, "I believe we are on the correct path to turn Israel into a leading power in nanotechnology". The program's achievements prove when a national program is managed with high standards, the result is cooperation between government agencies, academia and industry and the efficient use of public funds. It has yielded a remarkable return on investment.

In light of achievements of the program during the first five years, it was decided to continue funding the program for another five years, with a change of emphasis, before closing the initiative. From a program designed to build applied nanoscience infrastructure as a foundation for academia and industry, the emphasis moved to focused R&D programs that can be applied to industrial applications within a reasonable time.

After a decade of these efforts, INNI had succeeded in its mission and therefore could proudly ‘close shop’.  Israel academia and industry continue to expand in nanoscience.

Israel offers excellent opportunities for investment, research and commercialization in nanotechnologies.

By updating and presenting a database of Israel companies and academia researchers working in nanotechnology, the NanoIsrael website continues the INNI effort to foster collaboration at home and abroad among researchers and commercial enterprise in nanotechnology.

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