03 March 2021

Noa Lapidot
Director, Head of Nanostructures, Qlight site Lead
Robert Even
Business Development Manager of PMatX

Merck Performance Materials: The Company Behinds the Companies Advancing Digital Living

Qlight Nanotech (Jerusalem) and PMatx (Yavne) are part of Merck, a vibrant science and technology company. Science is at the heart of everything we do.
The portfolio of our Performance Materials business sector is diverse as the colors of the rainbow – be it groundbreaking liquid crystals and OLED materials for displays, materials for integrated circuits, effect pigments for coatings and color cosmetics or functional materials for energy solutions. We are the world market and technology leader in liquid crystals. Read More

Nir Karasikov
Chief Technology Officer, Nanomotion


Precision Motion Facilitates Ultra High-Resolution Microscopy

Ultrasonic piezo motors can achieve sub nanometer linear positioning resolution and sub micro radian angular resolution. This opens tremendous capabilities in microscopy. The talk will cover the basics of the technology and outline implementations for advanced microscopy: Multi Beam Electron Microscope, Novel light sheet microscope enabling to monitor living cells in real time and Raman microscopy.
Some capabilities for super resolution will be outlined as well where the ultra high resolution of the motors can improve image quality.

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