Israel Brain Gain Program

Bringing International Experience Back Home

The Israel National Brain Gain Program offers companies, organizations, academic and research institutions the opportunity to recruit highly skilled Israeli professionals and academics who are currently residing abroad. Thousands of these individuals are already registered to the program and we will continue to reach out to professionals and academics who are considering and/or planning to return to Israel. In Israel, a full range of companies and academic institutions from all sectors of the industry already participate in the program.

How this program can benefit your company:
• You will gain access to thousands of skilled Israeli professionals with international experience.
• We offer the opportunity to advertise job opportunities on our website and on social networks.
• You will be able to send us a job description and profile and the program staff will search for candidates for you.
• And of course: you will be contributing to the Israeli economy and helping Israelis who wish to return home.
All of this is without any cost to your organization

For more information see our web site (in Hebrew)
Additionally, you can contact our recruitment Manager: / 03-5118102
About the program
The Israel Brain Gain Program is led by the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The program is run under Matimop, the implementation branch of the office of the chief scientist and it is a joint collaboration of the Ministry of Absorption, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Finance Ministry and the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education. The steering committee is made up of representatives of these offices.