Ben Gurion FTA #2

Integrated Infrared Up-Conversion Imaging Device using Nano-Plasmonic Materials and Nano-Photonic Structures

Gabby Sarusi

Electrooptics Engineering Department and Isle Katz Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel
This Focal Area Technology (FTA) project is developing an up-conversion integrated high-sensitivity s hort- w avelength i nfra r ed (SWIR 1300-1800 nanometer) imaging device that will directly convert SWIR image into visible image via a thin stack (less than 1 micrometer total thickness) of multilayer film (few hundred nanometers thick each).

The first layer is the detector layer that absorbs the SWIR photons. This layer is made of few hundred nano-meter PbSe nano-columns having high absorption coefficient due to the large oscillator strength imposed by its quantum size effect that also blue shifted its absorption peak wavelength from 4.3 micrometers of bulk material to 1.5 micrometers in the nano-columns form. Additional absorption in this layer is induced using surface plasmon enhanced absorption technique.    

The photo generated carriers (holes) are drifted by the external applied electric field through nearly lossless transport of carriers toward the Oligofuran coupled with rare-earth metals based Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) layer and recombining with electrons injected via a transparent cathode, giving rise to visible photon emission through this nanowire based transparent cathode. This process of SWIR photons absorption and visible photon emission is done at the same lateral position on the layer, thus maintaining the original image integrity without noticeable blurring.

The project is funded jointly by the Israeli National Nanotechnology Initiative - INNI and Ben-Gurion University and is one of the two Focal Technology Area (FTA) programs won by researcher in BGU. This project involves researchers from Ben Gurion University, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Technion and Weizmann Institute of Science.
Prof. Sarusi who won and lead this project joined Ben-Gurion University on March 2012, after 17 years at Elbit Systems Ltd. (Elop-Elbit). He had several senior positions which included: Development Leader of Advanced Infrared Systems; Company's Chief Scientist; and Company's Vice President and Head of Air and Space Imagery Intelligence Division.