NanoIsrael 2012 presentations

The NanoIsrael 2012 conference, the third annual conference & exhibition, was held in Tel Aviv on 26-27 March, 2012.  NanoIsrael has established itself as the central meeting point for local and multinational companies, investors, university and corporate research scientists and government representatives from around the world.
NanoIsrael 2012 was held in cooperation with the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI) which is sponsored by and operates on behalf of the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Industry, the nanotechnology centers in Israeli universities, the Ministry of Trade & Industry, the Foreign Ministry, key companies, universities and organizations from Israel and abroad.
Israel is renowned for its achievements in innovation. Top people on the scientific and business fronts from Israel and abroad presented cutting-edge technologies, leading scientific achievements and unique business opportunities in
  • Nanomaterials
  • Energy, Water & the Environment
  • Nanoelectronics
  • Nanophotonics
  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Nanomedicine
We bring to you below some of the nanotechnology companies that presented at the conference.  Double-click the image or use the flash menu to advance the presentation.

 3GSolar Photovoltaics Ltd is the leader in developing printed solar modules with dye technology.


 accelyris, the world's largest scientific software provider for chemistry, biology and materials science.

Applied Materials nanomanufacturing technology solutions.
Canatu manufactures films and components for flexible & formable electronics.

Cellergy develops and manufactures thin Pulse Super Capacitor based on its own IP.

ClearJet - transparent conductive coatings for touch screens.

DigiFlex creates plates and sophisticated stamps for the packaging printing process.

Elbit Energy developed an energy storage device using nanotechnology.

 Fulcrum - grafting carbon nanotubes to solid surfaces.

Hanita Coatings - expertise in roll-to-roll thin optical & functional coatings, including nanotechnology.

Immune Pharmaceuticals - better cancer therapy.

IsraZion - graphite technology.

Melodea turns waste into dollars.

NanoMaterials - inorganic fullerenes for nano-lubrication and more.

NanoMed Targeting Systems - drug targeting technology using nanomagnetic formulation and external magnetic guidance.

NanoMediCOT - inorganic fullerenes for medical and healthcare applications.

NanoPlate - coatings on metals, ceramics and plastic.

Picosun - Atomic Layer Deposition.

PML provides on-line nanoparticle monitoring in water applications, cleantech, pharmaceuticals, cement, powder coating and microelectronics.

pureNANO provides carbon nanotubes at higher purity and lower cost.

Ray Techniques - pioneering technology for nano-diamond synthesis and novel products.

SELA - technologies for microcleaving and dry sawing for TEM.

Technion research in organic electronics.

Weizmann Institute of Science - research on sensors and magneto-lithography.

 Nanonics Imaging - the premier innovator in the nanotechnology imaging space called SPM (Scanned Probe Microscopy).