NanoIsrael 2009 Video

The NanoIsrael 2009 conference was held in Jerusalem on March 30-31, 2009. NanoIsrael 2009 was a unique event with a diverse group of elite dynamic speakers and participants.

The central showcase for Israel's excellence in the interdisciplinary world of nanotechnology, NanoIsrael 2009 brought together industry, academia, investors and government to focus on current research, commercial endeavours and future opportunities in nanotechnology.

NanoIsrael 2009 was held in cooperation with the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI) which is sponsored by and operates on behalf of the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Economy, the nanotechnology centers in Israeli universities, the Jerusalem Development Authority and BioJerusalem.

We bring to you below some of the nanotechnology companies that presented at the conference.
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   3GSolar Photovoltaics Ltd

   3GSolar is a leading developer of low cost solar energy using new generation dye cell
   photovoltaics. Dye cells generate electricity from solar energy using nano-sized
   titanium dioxide particles and dye, rather than silicon or similar semiconductors.

   Bio-Pure Technology (B.P.T)

   Bio-Pure Technology (B.P.T) develops membranes, materials and systems in the areas
   of:  water purification, chemical and pharmaceutical purification and concentration, and
   recovery of chemicals from waste streams in the dairy, food, agricultural, chemical,
   pharmaceutical and mining industries.
  Fulcrum SP
  Fulcrum SP developed a technology that stabilizes and repairs proteins and thus
  unlocks the enormous potential of proteins. The company discovered a new class
  of stable proteins known as SPs. SPs are a new class of ATP-independent,
  chaperone-like proteins that are themselves exceptionally resistant to a broad range
  of extreme conditions. These conditions include boiling, high salt levels, denaturing
  reagents (guanidium hydrochloride), ionic detergents (SDS), proteolytic digestion
  (proteinase K, trypsin, V8), and organic solvents (acetone).
  Israel Aerospace Industries
  Israel Aerospace Industries is globally recognized as a leader in developing military
  and commercial aerospace technology. This distinction is the result of nearly half a
  century of designing, engineering and manufacturing, for customers throughout
  the world.
  KiloLambda Technologies
  KiloLambda is a provider of optical components and subsystems to vendors of
  telecommunication, medical and industrial systems.
  ApNano Materials 
  ApNano Materials holds an exclusive license for unique products based on a new class
  of inorganic nanostructures discovered by the Weizmann Institute of Science's
  Nanomaterials Synthesis Group, headed by Professor Reshef Tenne. The Weizmann
  group was the first to show that various inorganic compounds could be synthesized into
  fullerene-like structures. These materials have excellent Trioboligical properties,
  reducing friction and wear, and can be used as additives to oils and greases, as part of
  composite materials, as coatings. They also show great properties of impact resistance
  for ballistics and armour.
  NanoReady develops, markets and manufactures nano particles from a wide variety
  of materials. Supplied in agglomeration-free dry form, NanoReady nanoparticles deliver
  unmatched consistency and long-life stability. They enable superior finished products,
  while reducing the cost, time and energy consumption of many manufacturing
  NanoSol developed a novel patented technology of producing sub-micron droplets from
  liquids, solutions and suspensions. This unique technology can be utilized in a variety
  of applications such as generation of ultra-fine aerosol for agricultural, industrial and
  medical applications, and production of nanopowders/nanoparticles for pharmaceutical,
  cosmetics, electronics and other industries. 
  Oxenergy is developing gas diffusion electrodes based on an innovative nanocatalyst.
  Its application may be used in fuel cells, metal air batteries, gas sensors & chlorine
  The Israeli Research Center - Polymate specializes in providing applied and
  theoretical research and development to the scientific and technological fields of
  material, chemical and environmental engineering, with a focus on development,
  marketing, commercialization and manufacturing of advanced nanocomposites.
  Polymate successfully operates on the basis of multi-sided partnerships in many
  countries around the world, such as Europe, Japan, Canada and the Former
  Soviet Union. Polymate has modern research, testing and technological equipment
  for different projects in materials engineering. 
  Salio is focused on developing Molecular Springs in the field of Nanotechnology.
  Developed in the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Molecular Spring responds to a
  growing need in the field of material engineering for novel smart materials known as
  Stimuli Responsive Materials (SRMs), which are perceived as future key components
  in sophisticated polymers, Smart Textile, Smart Membranes, Micro-Fluidics, robotics
  and molecular electronics.
  SELA - Semiconductor Engineering Laboratories
  Founded in 1992, SELA develops, manufactures and markets automated SEM and
  TEM sample preparation equipment primarily for the semiconductor industry. SELA,
  a privately held company based in Israel, with a wholly owned subsidiary, SELA USA
  in Santa Clara CA, maintains a global network of offices and distributors to provide
  support and service to its customers. Distributors are located in Korea, Japan,
  Singapore, Taiwan, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Malaysia, and China. Over 250
  SELA systems are currently in operation worldwide.  
  Soreq Nuclear Research Center
  Soreq NRC is an applied R&D Institute affiliated to the Israel Atomic Energy
  Commission. Its R&D activities include laser and electro optics, nuclear medicine,
  radiopharmaceutics, non-destructive testing, space components characterization
  and testing, crystal growth, development of innovative radiation detectors and
  sophisticated equipment for contraband detection. It offers radiation protection training,
  operates personal dosimetry service and is a major distributor of radio-pharmaceuticals
  for medical diagnostics and therapy.