Industry-Academia Matchmaking

INNI recognizes the need to increase exposure for Israeli nanotech and to encourage the investment and industrial communities to identify attractive Israeli research and applications.

To achieve this we launched a small, efficient team of industry, academic and logistics experts who:
  • Proactively engage key nanotech players in Israel and abroad.
  • Promote Israel's nanotech capabilities in our strategic fields to leaders and groups interested in collaboration.
  • Initiate and manage direct contacts in Israel and abroad.
  • Maintain key Israeli nanotech statistics and market information.
  • Create models for successful interaction with Israeli nanotech research and industry in a variety of disciplines.
Funding of successful collaborations is by one of the many possible existing funding routes.  INNI experts can help identify preferred funding mechanisms for collaboration.  For a Hebrew language summary of funding programs in Israel, see here.
For assistance and information on opportunities for Israeli academia and industry in the European Union Framework Program for Research and Technological Development, refer to the ISERD website.  ISERD is the Israeli Directorate for the EU Framework Program.  The Framework Program is the main instrument for research funding in Europe, bringing together industry and academic research.