Germany-Israel Bilateral Nanotechnology Call

The German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and the National Technological Innovation Authority of the State of Israel aim to pursue their innovation dialogue and agreed on a joint R&D Programme.

1. Funding purpose - Form of Cooperation

The goals of the collaboration are: a) to improve the competitiveness and extroversion of of their respective research entities and the quality of life, b) to strengthen the links between research and industry and encourage the private sector to invest in R&D activities, c) to strengthen research capacities and specialisation d) to strengthen technology transfer from research into industry especially into Start-up companies and small and medium sized enterprises (SME).


The R&D Programme has the following specific objectives:

  • To focus efforts and available resources on thematic research fields in the area of applied nanotechnology, which are of major interest to both countries and important to society and the economy.

  • To promote the development of specialised scientific personnel, of R&D excellence and the development of products/services to be competitive worldwide.

  • To develop new knowledge –including new technologies– or joint research resources in order to improve competitiveness and address significant social and environmental needs.

  • To financially suport joint projects seeking to achieve specific results which in turn are used to develop or improve products, processes, services or policies, with the active involvement of the Israeli and German production sector.

  • To strenghthen the German Israeli research collaboration and to extend the established funding scheme to the aspect of applied research.

  • To strengthen the industrial cooperation between German and Israeli enterprises in order to support industries based on various nanotechnology capabilities in both countries.


    Therefore, joint activities should focus on the following form of cooperation:

  • Implementation of joint R&D projects for the research organizations and enterprises of both countries, in science, technology development and transfer, aiming at improving the competitiveness and innovation potential of research entities and leading to innovative products/procedures of high added value or to push new technologies into tradidional industries. Nanotechnology as a key technology can be used in a broad range of applications.


  • The deadline for the submission of pre-proposals is February 28th 2017.

  • The approval of full proposals is intended six month later (August 30th 2017).               

More details in the English language may be found here.

Information in the Hebrew language may be found here and also see the press release
Guidelines for the program in the Hebrew Language may be found here.