Awards to Zalevsky, Elbit and Collplant at NanoIsrael 2012

Awards to Zalevsky, Elbit and Collplant at NanoIsrael 2012
OCS/Matimop Nanotechnology Company of the Year Award given by the Israel Ministry of Economhy, Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP (Israeli Industry Center for R&D) and presented by the Chief Scientist of Israel at the 3rd International Nanotechnology Conference and Exhibition, NanoIsrael 2012.
Shown in the photo is Irvin Talgutelmacher receiving the award from the Chief Scientist of Israel Avi Hasson on behalf of Elbit.



27March, 2012

The Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative congratulates top researchers and companies for awards received at NanoIsrael 2012         

Professor Zeev Zalevsky of Bar Ilan University

- Awarded The Young Investigator Award in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
- For his outstanding contributions to the development of nanophotonic spatial elements, leading to superresolved and extended depth-of-focus imaging

Elbit -- Company of the Year

- For embracing nanotechnology into the company and building an infrastructure for it
- For NanoBit, a new model to bridge the gap between academia and industrial applications
- For reaching the prototype stage with their nano-based super capacitor


Collplant -- Product of the Year

- For their suite of novel products based on human collagen produced in genetically-engineered tobacco plants, the first of which is expected to begin sales in Europe later this year