Giora Shalgi

Industry Consultant
Retired President & Chief Executive Officer of Rafael Armament Development Authority Ltd.
Giora Shalgi served as President and CEO of Israel's renowned RAFAEL Armament Development Authority from 1998 to his retirement in 2004, during which time he took part in leading the organization's successful transition from government institution to government-owned company.

Mr. Shalgi dedicated his career to RAFAEL since 1960, when he began working as a technician during his undergraduate studies. By 1980, he headed the Mechanical Design Department of the firm's Air-to-Air Directorate and by 1987 the firm's Electro-Optical Department. He subsequently served as Vice President of the Missile Division and later as corporate Vice President for R&D.

Since his retirement, Mr. Shalgi has continued to specialize in his work as a change management consultant in Israel.

Mr. Shalgi's contributions to Israeli industry have been recognized with numerous awards, including the Israel Defense Prize (1970 and 1978) and the Bergman Prize (1984). He was elected as a Senior Member of the International Society for Mechanical Engineers (SME) in 1991 and an Honorary Member of the Israel Society for Quality in 2001.

He received his BsC (cum Laude) in Mechanical Engineering in 1965, and his MsC in Mechanics in 1971 from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and an Engineer degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University California in 1987.