Dr. Moshe Goldberg

Head, Research and Tech-Base, Directorate of Defense R&D at Israel Ministry of Defense
Dr. Goldberg leads the development of emerging technologies, and the incubation and evolution of basic challenging studies in areas which are unique to defense applications. His Unit initiates and supports projects in both universities and companies from cradle to maturity and demonstration, which subsequently are passed on to other Units of the Directorate of Defense R&D for Full Development Projects. An important objective is to encourage innovation in technological building blocks in order to enable the initiation of force multiplier development projects. Under the direct supervision of Dr. Goldberg are research areas as aero- and hydrodynamics, energetic materials, photonic materials and structures, smart materials, armor materials, CFD, nanotechnology, MEMS and Microsystems, information technology, HPM technologies, human factors and military medicine, and also the build-up of such R&D infrastructure installations as technical simulators and test ranges.
Dr. Goldberg also serves on national committees like the Government Chief Scientists, MAGNET and TELEM, in addition to the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative. 

Dr. Goldberg holds a DSc degree in Physical Chemistry from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel, in 1982, where he researched nuclear magnetic relaxation mechanisms. His MSc and BSc degrees are also from the Technion, in 1976 and 1974, respectively.